Diploma In Pharmacy

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Pramod Kharel

Pharmacy Department

Dear Students,

National Academy for Medical science was established with a objectives of providing students with quality education and practical knowledge in the field of Pharmacy. We have been standing
as the most comprehensive choice for the students wishing to pursue their education in Pharmacy since decade and continue to do so.
We here at NAMS focus on delivering professional education for the emerging Pharmacists supported by the field visits in industry, hospital etc and regular exposure to the work
environment. Apart from the regular classes handled by our expertise, our well-equipped labs provide the strong base needed for understanding the subjects and frequent seminars, workshops
and guest lecturers make learning an exciting experience.

Our main concern is to work towards the proper development of students by ensuring that they are well equipped with the skills and positivity required to sustain and grow in today’s dynamic
and competitive environment. We are sure journey with NAMS will be fruitful and you will leave with lifelong knowledge and
skills required for you to excel in the future in the development of your carrier. We look forward to welcoming you to our NAMS family.


Pharmacy program is specially designed as per requirement of pharmacy human resources in the existing situation of the country and also in abroad to provide the service of pharmacists even in
the industries, public sector hospitals and health care outlets. Till date, large number of pharmacists has been recruited and appropriate pharmaceutical service and pharmacy practice
exist in the public sector. The human resource projection report of Nepal Pharmacy council also showed that there is a urgent need of large number of pharmacists in the market. Therefore
pharmacy program in basically need and demand based program with an objective of developing skilled technical pharmacists to overcome the current lacking.

Scope of Pharmacy

A pharmacy professional can work as production person in industries manufacturing drugs,synthetic chemicals, cosmetics, soaps, toiletries, dental products, biotechnological product, veterinary medicine, ayurvedic/homeopathic/Unani medicines. A pharmacy professional can work for research ; development such as new drug discovery research, method development,quality control, formulation,development clinical trials, bio-equivalence studies and toxicological studies. Marketing of the pharmaceutical products, as qualified drug expert in
hospitals, in academics as a teacher, researcher. Regulatory affairs such as locally the Foods, Drugs Control Administration, department of drug administration graduate pharmacist can work as levels of a drug inspector or officer.

National Academy for Medical Science, Department of Pharmacy, pioneer in pharmacy education of Nepal is committed to being the foremost school of pharmacy in Nepal where students are encouraged and educated to become leaders in pharmacy practice, research, education and public service.
Choosing a career in pharmacy is one of the most important decisions a student can make. As students, please dedicate yourselves to academic excellence in NAMS. The academic and training environment here not only provides you with exceptional instructive and clinical training, but also will better prepare you as to the boundaries and mindset required of a pharmacist as you graduate through your professional carrier in Diploma in Pharmacy.

The educational program and Carrier opportunities of DPH Graduates

National Academy for Medical Science conducts Diploma in Pharmacy Program (DPH). It is three years academic course which is accredited to Council of Technical Education and Vocational Training and Nepal Pharmacy Council (NPC)
It is the professional program designed to provide the necessary education and clinical practice for Students to develop into middle level health professionals who are capable of providing both distributive and patient-oriented pharmaceutical services in community pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, and extended health care facilities.
Students graduate as professionals who are able to make a positive impact on the dramatically changing role of pharmacists in our transforming society by being knowledgeable, skillful and principled. They are educated for excellence in healthcare, evidenced not only by their understanding and abilities, but also by their quality of care, honor, empathy, encouragement, service and leadership. To achieve these goals, department implement a precise foundation in the pharmaceutical sciences, while offering innovative practice models and opportunities to explore novel applications of pharmaceutical and clinical practice of diploma in pharmacy graduates.

Carrier opportunities of DPH Graduates

  • Pharmaceutical company
  • Pharmaceutical marketing
  • Hospital
  • Community pharmacy
  • Clinics
  • Government bodies
  • Quality control laboratories

Program Introduction

Academic Years
3 Year Course

Program Objectives
Diploma in Pharmacy program aims to prepare support technical human resources for pharmaceutical manufacturing, quality control and drug control.

Council of Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), Nepal Pharmacy Council (NPC)

Course Structure

First Year

Second Year

Third Year

S.No. Year Annual Fee Monthly  Fee Grand Total (Rs.)
1 First Year  104,000    36,000.00   ( 2,500X12 )   134,000.00
2 Second Year  72,200    36,000.00   ( 2,500X12 )   1,02,000.00
3 Third Year  71,000    36,000.00   ( 2,500X12 )   1,01,000.00
Total  2,47,000  1,08,000  3,37 ,000.00

Entrance Examination

Entrance Exam’s Advertisement :     

After the result of SLC. CTEVT published Entrance exam advertisement in National level Newspapers, in the month of  July and August .

Form filling Period:

Generally one month period for filling of entrance exam form to different college .

  •  Entrance Exam Result  :

           Generally After 15  days of  entrance exam CTEVT Send result to concern college.

  • Admission and Class Starts:

           Generally August To September of every Year.

Our faculty members are not only academicians but also leaders in their fields. They are professionals who have extensive experience in different disciplines and are committed to the highest standards of education. They have a wide range of experience in education, professional training, research, consulting and management. The diverse experience they bring is of great value. The program also calls upon some of the prominent academicians and management practitioners in the region to ensure that the courses offered are delivered to the highest standards.

Narendra Chand


Pratigya Pandit






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Second and Third year

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