MD Message

Krishna Prasad Bhusal

M.Sc. PGDHS. PhD. Research Scholar (WHO/TDR)

Dear Prospective Students,

With the primary objective to generate proficient, qualified and socially responsible health manpower required to face the challenges of the challenges of the country in the new millennium, the pursuit of excellence has been the pioneer of our institutional mission and we are committed to provide the health programs that are relevant to health manpower since its establishment. We have the teachers who have been awarded scholarships and teaching assistantships to pursue higher studies in reputed universities of the west and have already returned and joined their respective disciplines in the college.

We have always tried to make this academy an ideal place of learning and we have been quite successful too. In the past, we have secured hundred percent pass result. The ex-students have always recommended their siblings or friends to come to this Academy which makes us realize that we have indeed done a good work here. I would like to extend a warm invitation to you all to join NAMS to be a part of the glorious that heritage we have at this place. Our aim is to produce disciplined students with a good base of health education and vision, creative in their thinking and functioning, not a student who studies for the sake of the certificate or degree. We aspire to produce dutiful students who can grow up to be responsible citizens of the country and an asset to the country.

NAMS continued its progress during the last. six years is a matter of pride and satisfaction to all associated with the college. Various ongoing academic health programs testify to its achievements. NAMS was launched with a vision, and we are moving ohead towards the goal. We can assure Parents and guardians who are preparing to admit their children in NAMS that they will be satisfied with the overall quality of our teaching methodology, faculty members and physical infrastructure. We are excited by the academic achievements we have made in past 6 years. We have a distinguished record of ensuring that our health manpower meets the demands of an ever changing and competitive job market.

It our firm conviction that NAMS will march ahead on the path of imparting quality health education to the aspiring students. The college remains committed to committed to the needs of the changing society and will respond positively to both opportunities. I would like to reinstate the fact hat our success in the inception year has been through the well wishes of the Parents/Guardians, Students Faculty and Staff and hope for further such co-operation and guidance in the days to come.div

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