Principal Message

Ram Bahadur Shrestha


National Academy for Medical Sciences (NAMS) College is an educational center of excellence with every conceivable facility that would meet the high expectations of responsible and ambitious students. This is a distinctive academic institution capable of generating not only competent health professionals with high academic excellence and distinctive technical skills to meet the global challenges, but also new breed of responsible, caring, patriotic, productive and upright citizens with superior spiritual and moral values.
The mission of NAMS college is to prepare its students for successful productive future, make the world better place by generating outstanding citizens with high ethical values and moral codes, and give something of value back to the society.
NAMS aims to produce health professionals a new breed of competent health professionals with global perspectives and possessing all round intellectual abilities and skills, and capable of applying their knowledge, wisdom and expertise, in handling each and every kind of public health situations. Similarly, NAMS aims to generate visionary health leaders with adequate skills in analytical techniques, strategic planning and formulating, decision making and problem solving.
NAMS been offering effectively in producing competent Heath Professionals in the areas of general Medicine, Pharmacology, Nursing, and Public Health in affiliation with CTEVT, Nepal and Purbanchal University (PU), Nepal.
NAMS has highly dedicated and student oriented faculty members, who would be a group of accomplished scholars and prominent academicians proficient across a range of disciplines. The college shall ensure that its teachers are not confined to the roles of an academician and a trainer, but that each of its faculty members is also a motivator and a guide, capable of generating a cordial but firm relationship based on discipline, trust, sympathy, understanding, respect, care and compassion with their students.
The studies at the college shall go beyond classroom teachings, reading and discussions. It shall also include hands-on work in the laboratory or workshops, internships, research, field-work, project-work, site-visits, excursions, assignments, seminars and other practical experiences, that will prepare the students not just for the college’s examinations but for all major tests of life. Maximum utilization of audio-visual aid and gadgets are using for quick and better understanding of the subject-matter.

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