Curricular Structure

The program requires participants to complete 48 credit hours, 45 credits in course work and 3 credits in preparing a comprehensive business development plan towards the end of the program. The structure has been divided into three modules: foundation, functional and strategic.

Module 1: Semester One

S.N Subject Mode Units Cr/Hr
1 Foundation Courses 10 1 20
2 Data Analysis I 20 30
3 Foundation Courses 10 20
4 Data Analysis I 20 30
Please Note:

The fee structure does not include university charges. The current university charges are as follows; There are three components to the fee structure; the semester fees, tuition fees and university charges. The semester fee is Rs 15,000.00per semester and it includes fees for internal examinations, library, computing and other academic support activities. University charges are for registration, affiliation and examinations, which are levied as per actual

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