he college is offering scholarships and free ships to a limited number of deserving candidates, following to the rules and regulation of CTEVT / Purbanchal University (PU).

College special awards for extra-curricular activities

Scholarships shall also be awarded to outstanding athletes, sportsmen/women, artists, social workers, computer and mathematics wizards, and students with the maximum number of days present etc.

In the Classified 5 % shall be awarded full scholarship on the following basis:

Previous academic records 15%
Entrance examination 25%
Government / Community school 20%
Female candidate 10%
Dalit, Janajati, Madeshi, Muslim 10%
Remote areas 10%
Karnaiya, Halia, Bipanna Barga 10%
Please Note:

CTEVT programme offers clasified schlorship for two students and an outstanding student schlorship in each programmes. The outstanding students will be the highest scorer in CTEVT entrance test for the 1st year nd CTEVT annual exms for the 2nd nd 3rd year

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